José Vicente

Product Designer born in Lisbon (1977), holds a PhD in Sustainable Design by the Lisbon Technical University (2012) and BSc in Design by the Faculty of Architecture of the same university (2001).

Professor in Design since 2011. Is currently an Assistant Professor at UBI/ Universidade da Beira Interior, in Covihã. Has worked at CSA/ Cascais School of Arts & Design, in Estoril; IADE/ Universidade Europeia, in Lisbon; and ESG/ Escola Superior Gallaecia in VN Cerveira.

Researcher in the area of design and sustainability since 2006. Has worked with CIAUD, UNIDCOM, LABCOM and CIESG research centres.

Has a freelance designer activity since 2000. Was Senior Designer at Almadesign (National Design Award; Good Design Award) in Product, Transportation and Communication Design. Was a member of the board of the Portuguese Association of Designers.