Cátia Sofia Tiago Duarte Rijo

Cátia Rijo has a PhD in Design from the Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon, master’s in graphic design and a Degree in Visual Design both from IADE.

She is currently Assistant Professor at Education School of Lisbon Polytechnic, where she coordinates and teaches curricular unities related to Design and she is member of the coordination team of the Visual Artes and Technologies degree in the same institution.

In 2016 founded DESIGNLAB4U, professional laboratory that immerse the students in real pedagogical work, offering the opportunity to collaborate with real projects, with a community projection, generated in an immersive context of learning, as well as the development of cultural and social enrichment activities where she supervises several masters and bachelor students in the design field.

Rijo is also the coordinator of the research line in Arts and Design at CIED —Interdisciplinary Center for Educational Studies at School of Education from Lisbon Polytechnic, and a research member at CIAUD —Research Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Design from the Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon University, and Chair of The Image Research Network.

Author's articles

  • O Design e a Cultura Visual Urbana
  • Local Culture and Identity trhought Universal Design: Branding Places
  • New Teaching Methodologies in The Scope of Collaborative Design Using Virtual Collaborative Platforms
  • Revitalizing and Transmitting Heritage and Local Memories: Building Collaborative Processes Between Design and Crafts
  • Estratégias nos processos de design e ferramentas de acção - Uma reflexão sobre plataformas colaborativas
  • DESIGNLAB4U – Uma experiência de Experimentação e Ação Prática em Design