José Miguel Gago da Silva

I´m committed to the research in visual communication design with a strong emphasis on analysis of future trends in media and language. Formulating new diagnosis strategies to maximize the project design outcome. I am also committed in the research of new storytelling technics orchestrated with Learning environments settings, allowing a rejuvenated view in how we cope with different media, product information and consume, structuring those findings to optimize the learning experience of new tasks and skills.
Lecture and professional practice in Visual Communication, specifically in multimedia, video and sound relations. Research practice in Interface Design and Learning Design using traditional classroom settings and bLearning standards. Management skills in Learning and Education projects.
Research Experience with bLearning strategies acquired in teaching practice and in two research projects, Mestrado project ( two year master) - "Online Learning Module for learning visual continuity - Design, development and validation" and Phd project - "Musical Iconography used as Rhythmic Mounting Score - Teaching module, Conception, implementation and test". The Phd research was focused on drawing as problem solving and reasoning through pictures, what thinking emerges while drawing and how representational skills help students in problem solving.
- Able to Design experiments and quasi-experiments
- Demonstrate knowledge on Multimedia project management
- Knowledge about action research
- Able to Design Learning activities (Communication Design / Multimedia area)
- Understands strategic planning and tactic action
- Effective in public presentations
- Understands qualitative analysis
- Fluent in one more languages in addition to English