Ermanno Aparo

Professor and Head of Master Integrated Design at the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo (Portugal). Ermanno has lectured extensively on design project and design strategy at international conferences. He taught at the Lusófona University (Lisbon) and at University School of Arts (Coimbra). He published in international academic journals/conferences. Ermanno is a member of the Research Centre for Architecture, Urban Planning and Design - CIAUD (Lisbon, Portugal) and is also member in several scientific international and national research projects. He is PhD in Design from Aveiro University (Portugal) with a scholarship of Foundation for Science and Technology (Portugal) and has a Master in Design from the Domus Academy di Milano (Italy). Ermanno Aparo performs strategy consulting and implementation in Product Design and Development for European companies and participated in worldwide exhibitions. He is also an architect from Architecture Faculty of Palermo (Italy). Currently, his research is focused on creating links between music and design.