Elena Dorato

PhD in Architecture and graduated cum laude in Urbanism from the Architecture Department of the University of Ferrara. She developed her Ph.D. research titling “The Active City. Urban planning and design enhancing health and physical activity” between 2014 and 2016 (IDAUP International Doctorate in Architecture and Urban Planning, approved cum laude), and she is currently Research Fellow in Urban Design at the CITER research lab of the Architecture Department - University of Ferrara, where she also teaches the course of “Urban, Environmental and Territorial Restoration and Regeneration”, tutoring many graduate theses.

She is a member of several international research groups and coordinates a variety of works and projects, working for public and private authorities and focusing on the relations between Urbanism and the health disciplines. Also, both as a professional and a researcher, she has been dealing with the issues of territorial reconfiguration, especially involving riverscapes and water landscapes. She's been working in several countries, collaborating with different Universities and public bodies (i.e. Senegal, Mexico, Cuba, China, Spain, Denmark, Finland), and publishes scientific articles.