Marcello Galbiati

Born in Monza (Italy) in 1965.
Diplom in classical study.
Graduate in Politecnico di Milano, Faculty of Architecture – Design.
Cooperation and Assistant-professor from 1990 to 1995 in Scenography Courses in Architecture Faculty of Politecnico di Milano.
Assistant-professor in laboratories of Interior Design from 1995 to 1998.
External professor from 1998 in laboratory of Faculty of Design - Politecnico di Milano.
Erasmus/Socrates Promoter for Politecnico di Milano – Faculty of Design.
Architect. Work as external professor in laboratory and courses of Architecture/Design in Politecnico di Milano, Faculty of Design. He had projected, organized and directed exhibitions. He took part in international exhibitions and competitions, designed and directed realization of works for public state buildings; he has worked on projects of ambient design about the valorization of turistic places, with exhibition of places.
He worked on new re-using old high-speed track banking in fragile ambiental place, marked by important national, historical, and modern tecnologies.
He carried out and make historical researches on unknown buildings, people, explorer, works, and different field researches that can be in contact with art, music, design, photograpy, architecture and history, ..., as simple contact or unusual interference.
Cooperation  with national and InternationaI instuitutions, international Museum, national and international Industries, several National broadcasting Television, ... .
Publications, articles, historical and scientific researches on severals subjects, are deposited in national and international institution.
External Professor in Laboratory of Interior Design / Architecture, in Faculty of Design of Politecnico – Milan – Italy.
He took and take part of Erasmus Socrates programme for teacher as teaching – Staff.
External Professor in Politecnico di Milano - Faculty of Design, he is promoter of Socrates Erasmus Programme for Portugal, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Extra UE with NUS of Singapour.