Vasco Branco

Associate professor and one of the founders of the design programs at the Department of Communication and Art, University of Aveiro. He is the director of ID+ (Research Institute for Design, Media and Culture) since its inception in 2009, a research unit hosted by the Universities of Aveiro and of Porto and recently by the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave. He participates in the Portuguese Evaluation panel for PhD grants in Design, Architecture and Urbanism and integrates a Commission for the assessment and accreditation of Portuguese degrees in the field of Design.

Vasco Branco is an invited member of the Centre of Studies, Theory, Research and Design Culture from the University of Estado de Minas Gerais, Brasil, and he represents the University of Aveiro in the Executive Committee of the European Academy of Design. He is member of the Editorial Advisory Board of The Design Journal, and of the scientific committees of The 'Radical' Designist: Journal of Design Culture (IADE, Portugal), and of the magazine I+Diseño (University of Malaga, Spain).

His current research interests are related to design ontology, interaction/experience design, and the Portuguese design history and ecosystem.