José Rui Marcelino

José Rui de Carvalho Mendes Marcelino Short Bio 2019 José Rui Marcelino has a Degree in Mechanical Engineering (IST, Lisbon), a Master in Transportation Design (SPD, Milan) and a PhD in Product Design Process Management (FAUTL, Lisbon). After an experience at Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, he founded Almadesign in 1997, a design studio dedicated to Transportation, Products and Interiors, being responsible for the company's management and over 700 design projects. With Almadesign he received the National Design Award (1999 and 2009), the Good Design Award (2009, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019), the Crystal Cabin Award (2012 and finalist in 2018) and the Daciano da Costa Award (2015). Rui Marcelino participates actively in the development of cooperation networks, being co-founder and President of PEMAS, Portuguese Association for the Aeronautical Industry; co-founder and VicePresident of AED, Aeronautics, Space and Defence Cluster; co-founder and Board at the Portuguese Railways Platform Cluster (PFP); Board at the Technological Park of Óbidos and Member of the General Council at COTEC Portugal. At the academic level, he has been teaching Design at EUAC, IST and FAUL - University of Lisbon – where he is currently responsible for the Master in Product Design. He is actively engaged in the promotion of national and european R&D collaborative projects in the field of Aeronautical, Road, Rail and Nautical Transport such as LIFE, IBUS, ISEAT, DESAIR, ETOILET, INTRAIN, NEWFACE, FLEXCRAFT, MODSEAT, PASSARO and PASSME, which integrate the industry with scientific and technological institutions to develop innovative product solutions, create and boost industrial competencies and to increase the internationalization of the different partners.