Imma Forino

Architect, PhD and Full Professor of Interior Architecture and Exhibition Design at Politecnico di Milano. She was member of the PhD Program Board of Interior Architecture and Exhibition Design (Politecnico di Milano, 2005-2013) and of the International PhD Program Board of Philosophy of Architectural Interior (Università degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II” and Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes-México, 2010-2013). Since 2013 she has been member of the PhD Program Board in Architectural, Urban and Interior Design at Politecnico di Milano.

She took part and/or organized international conferences, exhibitions, seminars and design workshops in Italy and abroad. She carried out peer review activity for International conferences and journals, and referee activity for the Ministero Italiano Università e Ricerca and for funded research programs of International Foundations and Universities. Currently she is coordinator of the funded research program Interstices and Urban Vulnerabilities at Politecnico di Milano.

She is editor of the journal Op. cit. (IT) and of the book series “ii inclusive interiors” (Maggioli), and member of the scientific committee of the journals ARK (IT), Res Mobilis. Revista internacional de investigación en mobiliario y objectos decorativos (ES) and AR. Architecture Research (SLO), and of the book serie “DiAP print” (Quodlibet) and “De l’interno architettonico” (E.S.I.)

Her main research interests focus on Interior design and furnishing from a spatial and historiographical point of view that embraces the ‘human events in daily life’ as the foundation of the discipline of Interiors. She wrote monographs, essays in collections and peer reviewed articles and she was co-editor of books, published in Italy and abroad. Among her publications the authored books: L’interno nell’interno: Una fenomenologia dell’arredamento (Florence: Alinea 2001); Eames, design totale (Turin: Testo&immagine 2002); George Nelson, thinking (Turin: Testo&immagine 2004); Uffici: Interni arredi oggetti (Turin: Einaudi 2011 ‒ 1rst Biella Letteratura e Industria Award for essays in 2012; Award Selezione ADI Index within the Section Theoretical, Historical, Critical Research and Editorial Projects in 2012); La cucina: Storia culturale di un luogo domestico (Turin: Einaudi 2019). And among her recent essays and articles: Private Exhibitions, in G. Lees-Maffei & K. Fallan (eds.), Made in Italy, London New York: Bloomsbury 2013, 163-77; Stories of Books (and of an History in Books), in B. Finessi (ed.), Rooms: Novel living concepts, XXI Triennale di Milano, Venice: Marsilio 2016, 144-59; The ‘interno nell’interno‘: Some furnishings paradigms for an interior as interiority, Palgrave Communication 3:17022, 2017, doi: 10.1057/palcomns.2017.22; Camere urbane primitoare, in A. Bossi (ed.), Spaţii pentru studiu şi recreer, Bucureşti: Politehnica Press, 2018, 22-27; (with M. Bassanelli) Une inquiétante étrangeté: Ambiances domestiques italiennes entre art et architecture d'intérieur, in FACES, 2(75), 2019, 26-31; Die Despotie des Büros: Innenräume und Einrichtungen, in G. Bernasconi, S. Nellen (eds.), Das Büro: Zur Rationalisierung des Interieurs, 1880-1960, Bielefeld: Transcript 2019, 27-68.

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