Vittoria Mencarini

Architect, involved in Landscape Design field. In 2017 she starts the International Ph.D. course at the University of Ferrara, carrying out her research studies around the relationship between soil shifting and landscape design praxis.
Her professional practices and research activities moves around the linkage between the territorial and planning scale to that of the project, through an approach based on understanding and transforming the soil as a primer of this process. Over the years she supported some public institutions in landscape projects concerning the preservation of protected areas and design practices focused on improvement of soil health and ecosystem services provided by soil. Contextually, in 2020 she founds SILT - Studio for Integrated Land Transformation. She collaborated with Sealine Research Centre (University of Ferrara) and CESTHA (Experimental Research Centre for Habitat Preservation) She participated to several national and international conferences as lecturer with intervention on the field of landscape design, around which she wrote various publications.  

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