Priscila Ott Falcão Olivera

Professional activity
She works as the colaborative pianist and the ear training teacher at the Young Choir of São José dos Campos – Fundação Cassiano Ricardo. She has been the Presbyterian Church’s Choir conductor for 4 years, and has been teaching piano for the past 9 years.

Curriculum Summary
She has already attained her Bachelor’s degrees in Music (Piano and Choir Conducting) at UNICAMP and has just finished her Master’s degree in Music also at UNICAMP.
She has been to Festivals of Londrina, Unicamp (2005), FEMUSC (in Jaraguá do Sul, 2007), “Música nas Montanhas” (in Poços de Caldas, 2008), and to the First Pianists Encounter in Paraty (2008).
Priscila won piano competitions of Magda Tagliaferro, ArtLivre and Bauru-Atlanta and was the soloist of UNICAMP and Sorocaba’s Symphonic Orchestras.
She continues to strive to further heights of musical excellence and is an active attendee of concerts, masterclasses, and festivals.